EMG Quote of the Week –Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

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Education is the passport to the future – actually that is so true for our office. As a result of education in our home countries, our office is a multinational mix – sort of like the Celebrations mix that Cadbury brings out. As for our youth, the world has definitely become more global and more globally connected than ever. They need to, more than ever, be able to connect on the global stage. Together with this comes great opportunity. Opportunity to travel, to live and work amongst different cultures and experience the world on a totally different level – more than any previous generation really.

They say we now prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist and won’t exist until 20 years time. The vision for education has become a lot more about empowering students – giving them the tools and teaching the skills in order for them to not only survive but also thrive. The world has become incredibly competitive, and as a result, as educators we need to be able to share the importance for education but also assist students in leading them down a path to success. Being able to map out and empower students with choices allows them to see the potential they have and the options they have at their disposal. Students also need to understand their strengths and how a vision and personal mission can be a driving force for them to be successful. Taking what students have to say about their own personal direction with validity, allowing them to dream but also put that dream into motion – how powerful this can be.

As a young child, there was one particular boy who was told by his teacher that with his intelligence he could achieve anything he put his mind to. That boy was Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington. You see words are powerful. The education of self and what options we have available is huge. If you allow students to dream, and then put their dreams into motion – how that can open doors and affect their lives forever. Denzel Washington is a testament to that. When we talk about education we are not just talking about pure academics- it’s also including students becoming aware of their skills, talents, their social presence, their dreams and ambitions, their options. Education is a passport – options can be endless with it.

Here’s the challenge – How do you embrace students putting their dreams into action? How do you think about education – is it purely academic? How do you speak words of life and encouragement into your students to get the best out of them – to illuminate how their education will open doors?

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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