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Our team consists of a group of highly dedicated, professional and natural people-persons who come from a range of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. We are committed to various different organisations, events, charities and interests across London and Hertfordshire.

Our agency employs staff with keen interest, who are hardworking, confident individuals and team players that look for opportunities to serve beyond themselves. They are focused on leading good to great experiences and helping others to improve in experiencing the world around them. People at Education Matters matter! Whether that be how our consultants experience the world and people around them, or our candidates and clients engaging in their business interests or their own personal interests, or whether it be parties that need support beyond education to make the world a better place for all. We care about people! This is first and foremost in our minds.

Below are some of the interests and things that matter to us collectively and individually as consultants and leaders in education recruitment. These range from places of interest such as Joss Bay to Cape Town, to charity organisations specifically assisting children such as Riverview Children’s Foundation and Ascent Foundation. They also include areas of personal interest such as the Bird Box Project and History Around Us – Understanding the Past. Organisations that have had great influence to Education Matters staff include charities such as Cancer Research UK and ICSN (The Igbo Cultural Support Network). Education Matters invest their energy into people and organisations supporting people.

Cape Town

Cape Town


Joss Bay


Chance UK






Ascent Foundation


Riverview Children’s Foundation


Cancer Research UK

Glastonbury Pic

Glastonbury Festival


Half A Yellow Sun


Garden Birds


The Schools’ Bird Box Project


History around us – Understanding the Past

Cricket Picture

Cricket – A love of the game


Surgeons for Little Lives