Chance UK

Chance UK is a British charity that is based around early intervention in order to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour, providing mentors to children with behavioural difficulties, it is the only organisation in the UK to offer a year of weekly one to one mentoring with children between 5-11. James had the pleasure of volunteering at Chance UK.

‘Growing up’ is not an easy task and throughout the training, and eventually being matched up, James’s eyes were opened wide to see the pressures and forces that some children in London are exposed to. He said it was amazing to see the progress that they were able to make, he had regular feedback from his case worker and the young person he was paired with made huge progress in terms of behaviour and attitude around school. What he didn’t expect was the impact that it had on him, just because he was mentoring didn’t mean his life was going on hold and learning to manage his life, work and the mentoring was at times hard but a hugely rewarding experience.