EMG Quote of the Week -Kid’s …remember what you are!

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At the core of teaching is professional relationships. Your relationships will last the test of time if you:

  1. Invest into them
  2. Nurture them
  3. Give them time to grow

Your professional relationships will put you and your class on the road to success if you follow these 3 guiding principles. It’s important to make sure that energy is put into them in a positive way. People, especially young people, will remember the way you make them feel rather than what you told them. If you are able to connect, then you are able to direct people in a much better way. By nurturing the relationships, you spend time looking after them. You make sure the positives are much more heavily weighted than the times you may have to have a difficult conversation. And the tone of how you have those difficult conversations may be tough at times, as long as the light can be seen at the end – the direction and intent is clear. It comes from a spot where they are intentionally trying to see the best in people. Lastly it sees opportunity for people to grow and not only plant the seed, but water it as well. When your students see your intentions for them in their education, they are more likely to get on board.

This is why we all remember our best teachers and possibly our worst. Because the great ones invest time into us, the nurture us and inspire us to grow.

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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