EMG Quote of the Week –Learning doesn’t finish when the bell rings

Quote Social Media Graphic - 17. Lily Tomlin

Looking at this quote, the importance of teaching extends well beyond the classroom. One of the biggest arguments against standardised testing and national testing is they don’t necessarily assess the skills and learning children have picked up for life. There is such a thing as being smart in other areas – not just in linguistics and mathematics. There are people who have great people skills – people smart! There are people who are very self-aware – self smart! There are  people who are great at building and solving problems – critical thinking smart.

The idea is that with this we create an environment where each child sees their potential and their possibilities rather than their weaknesses. Imagine the change in children and our youth if they saw their potential and realised that to be smart did not necessarily mean that were only good in the same particular area such as English or Maths. These are still important, however, when we look at the whole picture, wouldn’t it be empowering to see children realise their potential and chase this as well, confidently and with an expectation. This small change in each child has to potential to change the world.

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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