EMG Quote of the Week – … One Teacher Can Change The World

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One of my Absolute favourite movies is “School of Rock”. The title character Dewey Finn played by Jack Black makes the comment – “It takes one great rock show to change the world”. The thing that struck me most about this movie is the fact that it highlights the need for passion to deliver and connect to students and find the thing that makes them tick. Now – you may have situations where it is hard to change a child’s environment. And, it would be totally fair to say that some things you can’t change. Imagine though if you made one small change for each child – that we saw teaching opportunities and not barriers to learning. Changing our perspective can lead to great things to happen. It always starts with the one in mind – the one student, the one concept, the one opportunity to learn. By connecting lots of ones you end up making a long chain of experiences where you are attempting to make a difference. What a privilege it is – but also what responsibility.

The question is – how are you going to impact students and young people you work with in a way that empowers them and changes even the smallest thing for them? Everyone remembers their favourite teachers and they remember lightbulb moments where they were able to capture the very essence of this – creating teachable moments and inspiring others.

How are you inspiring others? How do you make impact in the small things?

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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