EMG Quote of the Week – The raw power of being a teacher

Quote Social Media Graphic - 26. Rita Pierson

The power of words are really quite evident in teaching. The small bits of encouragement, the epic moments that define turning points. Ask every person and they will be able to name one teacher that sat above the rest for them. They will possibly be able to name the one on the other side of the scale. The really great teachers inspire – which literally means in Ancient Greek to breathe life. Imagine it like a balloon – giving the balloon life to be able to float by itself. The power of possibility is huge. If we limit our expectations as teachers as well, students will accept mediocre and will have the very little belief in themselves. Everyone deserves a champion and everyone deserves champion teachers. I know I had many champion teachers. This is not the case for many though, which actually is really quite sad. If we start with the small, the difference will actually be quite large, perhaps even world changing. 

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