EMG Quote of the Week – The recipe for a good lesson

Quote Social Media Graphic -19. Joyce Meyer


There are times in lessons that we need to direct children and there are times when we need to give them a challenge or a chance to explore themselves. Joyce Meyer was on the money with this particular quote. With the Gradual Release of Responsibility model, students are modelling the skills or processes needed for the unit with them then working in small groups, to paired work and finally independent work. It’s important that they are given the skills of how to tackle these challenges. They will also find this helpful for life, seeking wisdom from authority figures and people they trust and value who have life experience. By giving students the opportunity to build up their learning, we are able to focus on them being users and communicators of the skills and processes taught, rather than just simply remembering, If we teach them how to break their learning up and put it back together as well, they gain a far deeper understanding of content, concepts and processes. This is where real learning happens – where they become critical analysers of what they are learning.


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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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