EMG Quote of the Week – The True Reach of Your Lessons

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The true reach of your lessons- often isn’t felt until looking back either weeks, months and sometimes years later. One of the best parts of teaching is having students and families talk about the impact you have with something that you thought may have been relatively insignificant. Actually, the reality is that significant doesn’t always mean profound big moments – sometimes it’s the small things that matter. The words of encouragement, the skill taught that may have been so small, even just the way you conduct yourself. Your example is huge to students and to families. Teaching is still a recognised and respected profession. The aim is to make a difference as a teacher – even if it is in the small things. As the song goes “from little things, big things grow!” Have you ever challenged your students to share things from class – maybe talking about them showing appreciation, being global citizens thinking about others, or sharing and exploring what they have learnt in class? The nature of schools is that people do talk and take notice. Why not give them a reason to take notice for positive things!


Here’s the challenge – How are you being active in creating an environment of a legacy? What do you want your students to remember you for – your lessons, your passion, your encouragement, your humour, your personality, your professionalism, your example??


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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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