EMG Quote of the Week – What’s the vision you are inspiring?

Quote Social Media Graphic - 41. Abraham Lincoln

There is a bit of truth in the statement where those who stand still will finally get overrun. To be able to create new possibilities it requires action – it requires movement. Those who work hard on the right things and have the right habits will most of the time succeed. Teaching students to see their possibilities and what they need to do can be rewarding, challenging, motivating and frustrating all in one. Your responsibility is huge. With the responsibility though, if you focus on the small things first, the bigger things will come later. As they say, from little things, big things grow. So how are you inspiring your student to dream big? How are you not allowing them to stay still in their learning, their habits, their dreams, their ambitions. Don’t allow them to put these in the bin – in other words – get them to make their dreams realities through action. Focus their attention and their confidence in their direction and ambition. 


For more quotes of the week, keep an eye on #EMG_Quoteoftheweek!Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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