EMG Key Information Documents

Dear Candidate,


Thanks for visiting the page in regards to the Key Information Document/s provided with pay rate comparisons and breakdowns from our 3 providers.


EMG Agile Key Information Document vMay 2020

EMG Mainpay Key Information Document vMay 2020

EMG ISS Key Information Document vMay 2020


Should you have any questions in regards to the information provided here in these documents, please email your consultant with your questions and we will address these with the relevant umbrella company. Alternatively, please visit the websites of the companies above to get in contact with them in regards to any questions you may have:


ISS Group

Website: https://www.issgroup.co.uk/ 

Email: info@issgroup.co.uk

Phone: 0345 646 4211


Mainpay Enriched Employment

Website: https://www.mainpay.co.uk/

Email: info@mainpay.co.uk

Phone: 0207 808 6401


Agile Employment Solutions

Website: https://www.agileemployment.co.uk/ 

Email: info@agileemployment.co.uk

Phone: 0330 058 0578




Education Matters Group