EMG Quote of the Week – Lifelong Learning

Quote Social Media Graphic - 38. John Dewey


In the current climate, education is a constant. Those without the ability to adapt to change and upskill in education, generally they get left behind. Education is therefore central to lifelong success. This is a habit that needs to be taught – a good habit that puts learning as something for life, not just something confined to the school classroom. It all starts with teaching young children the importance of learning and how learning can be enjoyable. By giving students purpose to their learning and getting them at times to lead their own learning, they become empowered with choices, making it more meaningful and relevant to the individual. When this is truly harnessed, students will enjoy the challenge and discovery of new skills and knowledge. It then provides opportunity for them to find out how their learning relates to them, how it relates to their world around them and how the two are linked together. Then, discovery of the learning is lifelong and purposeful. 

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