Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Lessons in life from a 16 year old

Quote Social Media Graphic - 18. Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s story was one that was well documented in history. The diary that she wrote her story in was given to her as a 13th birthday present. Here she documented the next 2 years of her life, living in hiding whilst the Netherlands was under Nazi occupation. She wrote 2 diaries and after hearing a call on the radio in 1944 for people to save their war-time diaries, she helped document the suffering of the Nazi occupation.


In documenting a lot of what had happened over this time period, she was able to share with others her story and the impact of that. Today, this is still shared, s it has been translated into as many as 70 languages and more than 30 million copies have been published. People study this to learn, understand and improve from those times. There is power in what we share – even as a child. We all have the power to make a difference, even if it is small. We are all able to contribute in a way that improves the world. Anne Frank simply wanted to share this make her contribution.


The question is – how are you going to contribute and share insight with others? Even it’s small, it has the potential to be powerful!

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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