Quote of the Week 2019/20 –There are smart people everywhere…

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We are all salesmen and we all are in the business of selling. The thing with teaching is we have the ability to sell the now and to sell the future. There is no better feeling than seeing a child achieve something for the first time. Seeing them light up and then praising them for their success is incredibly humbling but also incredibly powerful. Words have incredible power – the power to build up and the power to tear down. And when you begin to speak from a personal level it is even more powerful – it recognises the person and sees them at their core – their talents and their faults all wrapped into one. From my experience, some of the most humbling experiences were when you got to speak to a student either at the end of the year and celebrate all the special things about them – it sends them a clear message – THEY MATTER!!! When we put aside time to speak life into students, it builds them up and tells them they care. And most importantly, you care about them. 

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