Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Engaging thinkers for the future

Quote Social Media Graphic - 33. Socrates

The inquisitive learner is the target for most teachers. The question is how do I get them interested? The key is to make the content and concepts taught relevant to them. How do we make history relevant – well we can look at how we learn from the past and how the past affects the future decisions. Science topics should draw a real life application. Maths topics should be linked to how the order of the world works. Part of the process is to get students asking good questions. From good questions, students are able to inquire and find out information. The key is to link it to why is it important to them – make it relevant. The answers shouldn’t be simple ones such as “because it’s old” as these sort of answers don’t have any depth. In order to get that real and relevant learning, we need to get students get deep in their learning and search for deep questions and answers- this is where real connections with learning and excitement with learning is made. 

For more quotes of the week, keep an eye on #EMG_Quoteoftheweek!Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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