EMG Quote of the Week – Because Bad Days Happen

Quote Social Media Graphic - 11. HG Wells

Teachers can often be perfectionists. They want everything to go absolutely perfectly. And when things don’t go perfectly, they often are the harshest critics of themselves. This is where perspective is so important. Being able to look back and see the achievements and see the journey so far is an important part of teaching. The rewards can seem insignificant at the time, but as they build upon each other, they are huge in the long run. Persistent and endurance is the key – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Often we go at it like a bull in a China shop. Actually what need to do is have the grace of a gazelle.

For our students as well, it is important for them to see a teacher who is growing and learning but also not too critical. Some self reflection is important, as long as it’s not debilitating to the overall journey. Balance is the key – knowing how far to push without pushing someone over the edge. Allowing children to fall as well is important as they need to experience some of this in preparation for the world. As teachers we need to model how to overcome these as well – experiencing some downs but ultimately leading to positive outcomes. Learning is hard and should be challenging. If we don’t provide some challenge, then are we actually giving the students opportunity to grow and learn?

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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