EMG Quote of the Week – Because teaching isn’t just a profession…

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. The profession of teaching is definitely a gifting. It’s not a role that allows you to really play it small. The results of including a larger community and being part of something bigger allows you impact community in a big way. The more you engage with your school – your students and parent community, the greater the impact. I’ve been face with times where students of mine have recalled the words of encouragement, that random lesson, the fun activities and the memories of the classroom. This is greatly rewarding for this reason. Students remember some of the things that you may not think are important – but in their eyes, it can be huge. It’s about capturing the moment and using your gift to impact in a positive way. We are all artists – each painting their own canvas. We are Picasso’s of our own field.

What picture could you paint for your classroom/ school? How are you going to be remembered? What’s your legacy?

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Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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