EMG Quote of the Week – Education= Learning – Forgotten

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Education is key when lessons planned are not just for absorbing information, but being able to apply it and have real connection with it. When students are able to deconstruct and reconstruct their learning in meaningful ways, they are then able to gain insight to how the world works. As teachers and educators, it’s important to create lessons that stick – that stick in your students minds and make impact, even if it’s small. The difficulty is how to do this on occasions when the topic may not be the most interesting or may be difficult to make those links. Sometimes it’s just important to keep it simple – not over complicate things and just get back to basics. Thinking of how you connect the dots in the learning in terms of learning styles is important as well. The same method may not work with all students, so it’s being flexible with this so that all students are able to have memorable learning experiences. When education becomes an active muscle and not just a sponge, students will have greater depth in the concepts and content their learning.  

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