EMG Quote of the Week – Learn to Live Forever!

Quote Social Media Graphic - 38. Mahatma Gandhi

When looking at learning, it should be a lifelong process. Learning should never be something that stops. It is also far more effective when the meaning behind the learning lasts for a long time and impacts the students lives. Education should be the foundation of where our youth then spring into the adult world, impacting it in a positive way to bring about positive change. I think Gandhi was onto something here. There is definitely a balance where we want young people to grow up taking educated risks and chances, yet also gaining wisdom through education and experience. If we fail to learn from our mistakes, then we are doomed to repeat these again and again and again. Effective education begins with self reflection and looking at our learning and how it is impacting our lives and actions. Then through small changes, this is how effective change is created. 

For more quotes of the week, keep an eye on #EMG_Quoteoftheweek!Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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