EMG Quote of the Week – What is the character of true education?

Quote Social Media Graphic - 33. Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King came out with some fantastic comments  -some that have stood the test of time. I love the fact here that he highlights learning not just about acquiring knowledge, but also being able to be pulled apart and critiqued. For anyone to get meaning out of their learning, they should be able to deconstruct it and reconstruct it. When the learner starts adding depth to their learning with the use of values and justifying decisions based on what they see as good, right and just, the learning becomes much richer. With a richer experience, this in the long run leads to building young people with great character – being able to stand behind their decisions and understandings because they have not just remembered something but they are able to critique and pull it apart. This ultimately leads to better social outcomes. Education is key for this. True education happens when the learning is something that stays with the learner for a long time – perhaps even transforming a life. 

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