EMG Tip of the Week – Community Matters

EMG Tip if the week - 14. Community Matters

Collaboration between parents and teachers is absolutely crucial to a student’s success. Create an open path of communication so parents can come to you with concerns and you can do the same. When a teacher and parents present a united front, there is a lower chance that your student will fall through the cracks. Behaviour is also much more manageable because of the united front. Friendly and warm classrooms invite parents in but also gain respect from parents as well. They are professional environments where the balance of information is shared. Early intervention with this will make a significant difference in the success of the child. Keep this in mind and balanced carefully (i.e. It’s proactive not reactive; it’s positive and truthful not guarded and played down) – students will be the winners with this in the end. 

Read below for our tip of the week on how “Community Matters” –

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