Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Discipline directs and empowers children

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In a current education climate where positive reinforcement is being hammered by leaders, yes this is important, however, sometimes we do need to take control and redirect students. There are times when we can give the green light – in other words, the behaviour displayed could lead to significant learning. Sometimes we need to give an amber light where we say either wait or proceed with caution. There are other times when we need to put up a red light and simply say no, we are not going down this path. Now you can maintain the positives with this and this comes with the professional and approachable relationships you build with your students. We need to be okay at sometimes saying no to children, but also giving them the reason for it at times. Not everything has to be explained – your words should be a reflection of your actions. These should match up. And with this integrity, students will see discipline as a sign of care not just being tough. 


For more quotes of the week, keep an eye on #EMG_Quoteoftheweek!Written by Michael Dunn – EMG Consultant and Primary Teacher

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