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Quote Social Media Graphic - 35. Jean Piaget

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Education for the next generation!

Ever had that experience of your parents or grandparents telling you about school in their days? And now do you find yourself doing the same? For me personally I have had parents that really value the education system and value the skills taught. I suppose I picked this up and have passed this on to…

EMG Tip if the week - 33. Inspiration Matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Inspiration Matters!

Finds Inspiration   An effective teacher is one who is creative but that doesn’t mean that you have to create everything from scratch! Find inspiration from as many sources as you can. Whether it comes from books, education, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, TpT or what have you, keep finding it! Read below for our tip…

EMG Tip if the week - 32. Standards matter

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Standards Matter!

Has Standards   Create standards for your students and for yourself. From the beginning, make sure that they know what is acceptable versus what isn’t. For example, remind the students how you would like work to be completed. Are you the teacher who wants your students to try their best and hand in their best…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 34. William Arthur Ward

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Education seeks understanding

Education is fundamental to creating change. As options and different viewpoints open up, and they are critiqued in a way that opens up different opinions and facts, a richer learning environment occurs. When students are lead to question and reason, their level of understanding is not just based on acquiring knowledge. It’s much deeper and…

EMG Tip if the week - 36. Classroom Management Matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Classroom Management Matters!

Have a classroom management plan. Be very clear on what you expect of your students, and ensure that the students know what is expected of them. Establish your rules (no more than five) and enforce them consistently. Establish your procedures (you will have many) and practice them continually. Being consistent is vital! Read below for…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 33. Martin Luther King Jr

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – What is the character of true education?

Martin Luther King came out with some fantastic comments  -some that have stood the test of time. I love the fact here that he highlights learning not just about acquiring knowledge, but also being able to be pulled apart and critiqued. For anyone to get meaning out of their learning, they should be able to…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 41. Abraham Lincoln

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – What’s the vision you are inspiring?

There is a bit of truth in the statement where those who stand still will finally get overrun. To be able to create new possibilities it requires action – it requires movement. Those who work hard on the right things and have the right habits will most of the time succeed. Teaching students to see…

EMG Tip if the week - 30. Being Organised Matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Being Organized Matters

Stays Organized   Never fall behind on the marking or filing of students’ work. Try your best to be on top of it and not let the pile grow past your head! It will save you a lot of time in the long run. It is also important to keep an organized planner and plan…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 32. Ever Garrison

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Teachers are magnetic fields

The vortex of education is created around the environment and expectations that you set up. Having the expectation of focusing on the right areas will engage students curiosity and wonder in how the world works and how they interact with it. Through that sense of awe and wonder, questions are created and the inquisitive nature…

EMG Tip if the week - 29. Effort Matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Effort Matters

Gives 100%   Whether you are delivering a lesson, writing report cards or offering support to a colleague – give 100%. Do your job for the love of teaching and not because you feel obligated to do it. Do it for self-growth. Do it to inspire others. Do it so that your students will get…