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Education Matters – Out and About- Kent

Are you thinking of working and living in the Kent ?? Find out some of the features of Kent! Click on the link below to find out why Kent has some great things  to offer! Kent Patch Profile To contact our team that service Kent you can get in contact with Mary Ann on 0785…

What Matters to Us

What Matters to Us: Surgeons for Little Lives

Each week we aim to promote areas of our team that matter to each of us. At Education Matters Group we have various partnerships and interests that are close to our hearts and that matter to us! This week we focus on Surgeon’s for Little Lives. Surgeons for Little Lives is run by a small…

EMG - CV Guide

Education Matters – CV tips and hints for the new year

It’s that time of the year again where another academic year is beginning. As we set off for another academic year it definitely is a good time to update your CV. An ongoing update of the CV will help you to be ready for your next role, even if you are not looking at the…

EMG Team Profile - Mary Ann

Meet the EMG Team – Introducing Mary Ann

Our consultants and EMG Team matter to us! Meet Mary Ann, our Director and Consultant for Kent. #EMGteam #EMG #Consultantsmatter

EMG Tip if the week - 3. Purpose Matters

EMG Tip of the Week – Purpose Matters

How do you know if you are doing the things that matter?? How do you navigate with purpose, making sure you illuminate gifts and talents within each student? Read below for our tip of the week on how “Purpose Matters” – Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG for weekly tips.

Quote Social Media Graphic - 12. Robert Frost

EMG Quote of the Week – A new way of looking at your job!

This week many will return to work and to school after the summer holidays have passed us by. With this, there will elements of nerves, possibly fear, hopefully together with some elements of excitement to what the year ahead will bring. The question is that in the first week, how are you going to awaken…


Have You Seen This – The Sumo Guy?

You may be excited to start the new academic year and you may have students who are ready to engage in learning! But have you stopped and noticed that not all staff, students and parents may have had the exotic holiday to Spain! The reality is that some have had a tough holiday for various…

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EMG Quote of the Week –Remember this next time you feel bad for pushing a student to work it out on their own

Our students need to continue to develop and be given opportunities to develop their understanding of concepts – to learn how to solve problems, not just what to think. Read more about our quote of the week.

Quote Social Media Graphic- 2018_SU2 - 20180723

EMG Quote of the Week – It’s Not Just Your Students Who Are There To Learn

  In looking at this quote we are reminded that we need to model the behaviours for learning – that learning doesn’t stop and end once school is finished. IT’s a life long process. Also trying out some of the techniques for learning on yourself will test how effective they are and also will indicate…

Copy of World Cup 2018

Congratulations to our World Cup Winner!

Congratulations to Hayley for winning our competition for the Fifa World Cup between consultants, candidates and clients. Enjoy your vouchers. Thank you for being a valued client to Education Matters Group! From the EMG Team