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EMG - CV Guide

Education Matters – CV tips and hints

It’s that time of the year again where another academic year has finished. As we approach another academic year it definitely is a good time to update your CV. An ongoing update of the CV will help you to be ready for your next role, even if you are not looking at the moment. Here…

EMG Tip if the week - 9 Humour Matters 1

Read More EMG Tip of the Week – Humour Matters

They say that humour is the best medicine. Often in a classroom humour can really work in your favour but it also needs to be used wisely. Timing is everything. Read below for our tip of the week on why “Humour Matters” – Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG for weekly tips. #Humourmatters  

Quote Social Media Graphic - 2018_SU2_20180716

EMG Quote of the Week – An important realisation…

This quote reminds of the Billy Joel lyric – We didn’t start the fire! The song is a brief outline of the major headlines between the singers birth in 1949 and when it was released in 1989. The relationship between fire, sparking of ideas and events is quite a visual connection. Fire itself is all…

World Cup Finals (1)

World Cup 2018 – Russia – The Final – France v Croatia

We have now reached the final. It may not be coming home for England but it will be for either France or Croatia. Destiny awaits – the glory and the agony. We have one of our candidates and one of our clients battling it out. Who will prevail? France take on Croatia. Both teams featured…

EMG Tip if the week - 8. Expectation Matters

EMG Tip of the Week – Expectation Matters

What you expect is what your students will become. A positive mindset needs to include a positive push in the right direction – not settling for mediocrity but pushing to reach better outcomes, both personally and academically for our students. Starting with the small things, having high expectations is a positive thing – making sure…

World Cup Semi Finals

World Cup 2018 – Russia – Knockouts – Semi Finals

Who is going to win to progress to the final? Will England finally get the chance to get there? Or will Croatia spoil the party? And which attacking 3 will dominate out of France and Belgium? Could we have some World Cup finalists that have never got there before? Follow #EMG and #EMGWorldCup

Quote Social Media Graphic - 2018_SU2_20180709

EMG Quote of the Week – Because teaching isn’t just a profession…

  “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. The profession of teaching is definitely a gifting. It’s not a role that allows you to really play it small. The results of including a larger community and being part of something bigger allows you impact…

World Cup Quarter Finals

Read More World Cup 2018 – Russia – Knockouts – Quarter Finals

We are now into the knockout rounds – the quarter finals await! Win to stay alive; lose and time to go home! No second chances. We have our consultants, some of our candidates and clients battling it out. Who will prevail? Game 1 of quarter finals– One of our clients Hayley (France) battles it out against…

Education Matters – Out and About- Kent

Are you thinking of working and living in the Kent ?? Find out some of the features of Kent! Click on the link below to find out why Kent has some great things  to offer! Kent Patch Profile follow #EMG #EMG_OutandAbout

Cape Town

What Matters to Us -Cape Town

Each week we aim to promote areas of our team that matter to each of us. At Education Matters Group we have various partnerships and interests that are close to our hearts and that matter to us! This week we focus on Megan’s hometown – Cape Town. This holds a special place in her heart…