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Copy of EMG Tip if the week

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2020/21 – Good Starts Matter!

Good Starts Matter! How we begin the year matters – whether it be brand new or stepping into an environment we are familiar with. Even with uncertainty, having a plan to start the year in a positive way, focusing our mind and actions on the right things makes a difference.   Read below for our…

EMG Tip if the week - 38. Your Example Matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Your Example Matters!

Your Example Matters   Act like a professional. The students, the parents, the community, and your coworkers are watching you. Don’t say or do anything unbecoming of a professional. Teachers are held to a very high standard both at school and in the community. Read below for our tip of the week on how “Your…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 39. Alfred Mercier

Quote of the Week – Make Learning Enjoyable!

Ever had a lesson that was so boring that it was hard to forget it?? You probably have! Yet how much from that lesson do you remember and understand? What tends to usually happen is that we don’t remember the content or concepts because we are dying inside from the excruciating pain – just simply…

EMG Tip if the week - 31. Open-mindedness matters

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Open-mindedness Matters

Is Open-Minded   As a teacher, there are going to be times where you will be observed formally or informally (that’s also why you should give 100% at all times). You are constantly being evaluated and criticized by your boss, teachers, parents and even children. Instead of feeling bitter when somebody has something to say…

EMG Tip if the week - 35. Influencers Matter

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Influencers Matter!

Influencers Matter Do not fall prey to negative influences. There’s a “Mrs. WarnYa” on every faculty. Be nice to her, but don’t engage in any negative conversations with her. Resist the temptation to gripe or gossip at all costs. Read below for our tip of the week on how “Good Questions Matter” –Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG for…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 38. Mahatma Gandhi

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Learn to Live Forever!

When looking at learning, it should be a lifelong process. Learning should never be something that stops. It is also far more effective when the meaning behind the learning lasts for a long time and impacts the students lives. Education should be the foundation of where our youth then spring into the adult world, impacting…

EMG Tip if the week - 37. First impressions matter

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – First Impressions Matter!

Dress professionally. Your appearance should say that you are a proud professional. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to dress in a way that makes you appear “cool.” Students might think you’re cool, but they won’t respect you. Look in the mirror each morning and ask, “If I stopped at the store on my way…

Quote Social Media Graphic - 37. BF Skinner

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Education= Learning – Forgotten

Education is key when lessons planned are not just for absorbing information, but being able to apply it and have real connection with it. When students are able to deconstruct and reconstruct their learning in meaningful ways, they are then able to gain insight to how the world works. As teachers and educators, it’s important…

EMG Tip if the week - 34. Good Questions Matter

Education Matters Group – Tip of the Week 2019/20 – Good Questions Matter!

Good Questions Matter   Don’t be afraid to ask questions for fear of appearing incompetent. One of the strengths of competent professionals is that they are continually questioning. When you don’t know-and you often won’t-ask! Read below for our tip of the week on how “Good Questions Matter” –Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG for weekly tips.

Quote Social Media Graphic - 36. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quote of the Week 2019/20 – Show Respect!

Respect seems like a really basic requirement of schools. Teacher’s often talk about respecting other students and property. But how much is this modelled as well? Are your actions matching your words? Have you every apologised to a student or is that considered beneath you? What I found over my time in the classroom, there…