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Frequently Asked Questions – 14. Supply Work – Will I be paid by you or by the school?

For supply work you would be paid through the umbrella company that we use which is ISS. For supply, we don’t do PAYE at this stage. With ISS, you are able claim certain expenses. It is advisable that on registration with ISS, that you ask about the expenses that you are able to claim. ISS…

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Frequently Asked Questions – 13. I am a Newly Qualified Teacher who is looking for somewhere to complete my induction year. Are you able to support me with this?

If I am an NQT, am I able to get a school that will support my NQT year? We have a number of schools who are open to NQTs. The important part is to make sure that the school chosen is supportive and provide constructive feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions – 12. I have a DBS. I have also been overseas for a longer period of time. Doesn’t the DBS cover overseas as well?

  Unfortunately- a DBS only covers the UK for criminal convictions. This is why we ask for overseas police clearances which give us more information on your suitability in working with children. If you are obtaining a DBS, this needs to be processed through either an agency or school – as this is the only…

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Frequently Asked Questions –11. Is there support available for trial lessons?

  We support our candidates with feedback prior to lesson trials with lesson plans. We also provide a feedback session from most trial lessons with feedback from our clients. We have consultants and staff on our team that are able to talk you through your lesson and the different sections of your lesson.    We…

EMG Tip if the week - 36. Classroom Management Matters

EMG Tip of the Week – Classroom Management Matters!

Have a classroom management plan. Be very clear on what you expect of your students, and ensure that the students know what is expected of them. Establish your rules (no more than five) and enforce them consistently. Establish your procedures (you will have many) and practice them continually. Being consistent is vital! Read below for…

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EMG Quote of the Week – Education= Learning – Forgotten

Education is key when lessons planned are not just for absorbing information, but being able to apply it and have real connection with it. When students are able to deconstruct and reconstruct their learning in meaningful ways, they are then able to gain insight to how the world works. As teachers and educators, it’s important…

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Frequently Asked Questions – 10. I get nervous with interviews. Are you able to support me prior to the interview?

Don’t worry – interviews can only get better with time with the right support. We are able to talk you through some interview questions and give you some constructive feedback to help make your answers even better. We have resources to help you plan around interviews as well so that you are well prepared when…

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Frequently Asked Questions – 9. Can I teach without having QTS (Qualified Teaching Status)?

In terms of teaching roles,  there is some roles that will not require you to have QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). Some of the roles include a Cover Supervisor, which can be moved from class to class to cover the main teacher’s class whilst they have additional planning and preparation time. Usually a Cover Supervisor will…

EMG Tip if the week - 35. Influencers Matter

EMG Tip of the Week – Influencers Matter!

Influencers Matter Do not fall prey to negative influences. There’s a “Mrs. WarnYa” on every faculty. Be nice to her, but don’t engage in any negative conversations with her. Resist the temptation to gripe or gossip at all costs. Read below for our tip of the week on how “Good Questions Matter” –Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG for…

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EMG Quote of the Week – Show Respect!

Respect seems like a really basic requirement of schools. Teacher’s often talk about respecting other students and property. But how much is this modelled as well? Are your actions matching your words? Have you every apologised to a student or is that considered beneath you? What I found over my time in the classroom, there…