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Instagram template EMG - Black History Month

Black History Month 2018

Here at Education Matters we recognise the contribution and significance of people of colour and also recognise the significance of how they have been treated in the past by previous generations. We hope to learn from this collectively as a society and have a culture of inclusion, recognition and tolerance to people of all colours,…

EMG Team Profile - Phil

Meet the EMG Team – Introducing Phil

Our consultants and EMG Team matter to us! Meet Phil, our Kent Consultant. Phil has a strong passion for delivering excellent service and finding potential opportunities for his candidates and clients. He is formerly a Primary School teacher as well, having experience in leadership roles as well. #EMGteam #EMG #Consultantsmatter  

Quote Social Media Graphic - 11. HG Wells

EMG Quote of the Week – Because Bad Days Happen

Teachers can often be perfectionists. They want everything to go absolutely perfectly. And when things don’t go perfectly, they often are the harshest critics of themselves. This is where perspective is so important. Being able to look back and see the achievements and see the journey so far is an important part of teaching. The…

What Matters to Us

What Matters To Us – The School’s Bird Box Project

Phil, our Kent consultant, together with Tim Hall have launched the School’s Bird Box Project which operates across Kent schools. The project commences each year on March 1st and runs until the end of May so please click on the web link if you wish to see amazing live video of young chicks feeding and growing…

Out and About logo Kent (2)

Education Matters – Out and About- Kent

Are you thinking of working and living in lovely Kent ?? Find out some of the features of the Kent! Click on the link below to find out why Kent has some great things  to offer! Kent Patch To contact our team that service Kent you can get in contact with: Mary Ann on 0785…

Instagram template EMG - European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages 2018

Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Guten Tag! Happy European Day of Languages 2018. At Education Matters Group we recognise the contribution that our candidates, clients and even some of our consultants make coming from European nations. Especially in London, we have a melting pot of different languages and cultures. This is something that we appreciate. Our team…

EMG Team Profile - Uloma

Meet the EMG Team – Introducing Uloma

Our consultants and EMG Team matter to us! Meet Uloma, our North  London and Central London Consultant. Uloma has a strong passion for delivering excellent service and finding potential opportunities for her candidates and clients. #EMGteam #EMG #Consultantsmatter


Check out our Supply 7 Magnificent Tips

How do you make sure you are a respected supply staff member and that you get consistent work? Check out our handy tips for supply teachers across London, Hertfordshire and Kent! Do these well and you will be more likely to have great reports for supply days.   #EMGtips #EducationMatters  

EMG Tip if the week - 5. Discernment Matters

EMG tip of the Week – Discernment Matters

Discernment – the art of knowing when to ignore and when to pay attention. How do you manage your time and efforts in a way that encourages students to take ownership of their learning but also provides a level of support and encouragement, highlighting strengths to students? Read below for our tip of the week…

Instagram template EMG - Happy international day of peace

International Day of Peace 2018

Today is the International Day of Peace! The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a…