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EMG Tip if the week - 8. Expectation Matters

EMG Tip of the Week – Expectation Matters

Ever had the scenario of playing sport and not aiming at a target- just hoping for the best?? How well did that go for you? When we don’t set an expectation and hope for the best in our classroom, the same sort of result happens. You see when we intentionally go for a target, set…

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Have You Seen This- Denzel Washington – tips!

What do you think of the following clip from a speech by Denzel Washington?? Here are some key points from his speech: “Fail big! You only live once, so do what you feel passionate about, take chances professionally.” “There’s an old IQ test that was nine dots and you had to draw five lines with…

EMG Team Profile - Michael

Meet the EMG Team – Introducing Michael

Our consultants and EMG Team matter to us! Meet Michael, our Sales, Accounts and Business Development Manager and Compliance Manager. Michael also runs the Social Media for EMG and co-ordinates the CPD training sessions for our candidates. As a former Primary Teacher, he has also had Senior Leadership experience, experience across 50 schools as a…

Instagram template EMG - World Space Week

World Space Week 2018

One small step in Education – take one giant leap for Education Matters!! Happy World Space week 2018.

Quote Social Media Graphic - 16. Jiddu Krishnamurti

EMG Quote of the Week – There’s no competition in the classroom

Looking at this quote I’m not sure that I totally agree with this statement. We are faced with a competitive world and we need to teach our children how to navigate through this, giving them experiences to be tested and stretched. But this should also occur within reason. Constant defeat to a child can do…

Instagram template EMG - World Teacher Day

World Teacher Day 2018

Our teachers are influential – more than sometimes we realise. What are some of the inspiring stories you have about your teachers?   Good teaching involves good teaching. Great teaching involves great caring and a connection that lasts for a long time!! It’s about being a little MAD (Making a Difference)! It may be in…

Instagram template EMG - Black History Month - Michael Jackson

Black History Month – thought for the day – Man in the Mirror!

Continuing our theme of Black History month- inspired by these lyrics at all?? What changes have you made to make the difference to the one or many??? Do you choose to see potential over flaws? Do you choose to see ability over a child’s difficulties?? Have you labelled a child already or can you see…

Jobs available Post - 2018_10_03

Hot Jobs – Education Matters – October 2018

As we approach the half term of the first Academic term, we have the following hot jobs available at the moment.   If you are looking for your next role, we would like to hear from you. Give us a call on 0203 031 3550. Alternatively, you can send us your CV for us to…

Instagram template EMG - Black History Month - Mandela

Black History Month – Thought for the day

Here at Education Matters we are celebrating Black History Month. Here is one of Nelson Mandela’s quotes! What powerful words – education and tolerance being core to a greater future. It’s a path that encourages love over hate, tolerance and acceptance rather than oppression and nonacceptance. Imagine how powerful this would be if people saw…

EMG tip of the week – Positivity Matters

Positivity is important in a school. If we can’t look for positives in all situations, then it is a very tough road. Ultimately we should be making all paths as smooth as possible and as positive as possible. Read below for our tip of the week on how “Positivity Matters” – Follow us on #EMGtipoftheweek #EMG…